At Espi we believe in focusing on our core competency, which today is the manufacture of oral liquids with an emphasis on Antacids. With this in mind, we have chosen to take the quality of our key raw material into our own hands. We not only manufacture the finished products i.e. antacid formulations, but also different grades of Aluminium and Magnesium Hydroxide paste (API’s) which are key constituents in all antacids. The company has adopted this method of vertical integration since the year 1990.

API’s are currently produced in an independent facility in Uppal, Hyderabad. The plant has a capacity of about 8000 kg per day. The finished product is utilized for internal consumption as well as for sale to external clients.

The specifications of the produced API’s are provided below:

service-icon-2 Aluminium Hydroxide Paste
service-icon-2 Magnesium Hydroxide Paste
service-icon-2 Aluminium Hydroxide Paste-USP
service-icon-2 Magnesium Hydroxide Paste-USP